Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 2: Reykjavik and Grotta Lighthouse Ride

Today we rented bicycles and rode out on the Seawalk to the Grotta Lighthouse and Bjork Park. The lighthouse was under high tide so we did not get to make our way out to it,
But we found this cool big block of cheese or something, so we hung out around that instead.

We were very cool around this block.

Brendan was having issues but he was still cool anyway.

We then dipped our feet in the natural hot pot by the lighthouse-it was like a perfect footbath!

This is the crew. We rode in flying V formation the entire way.

Dinner was, of course, pylsur. Baejarinns Bestu, Ein med ollu takk! (One with Everything, which is 2 sauces, raw onion, crunchy onion, and a delicious snappy lamb hot dog on a squishy bun.) The guy almost believed we were Icelandic, but when he asked us if we wanted anything to drink, we all froze up, and our secret was revealed.

This is the sun setting over Reykjavik's Lake Tjornin, home of many ducks and swans. Another beautiful day!

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